• Complete purity
      This essential treatment can be adapted to all skin types. It completely and thoroughly cleans the skin and leaves the epidermis perfectly purified and detoxified. The skin tone becomes even and its texture is refined.

      Sublime beauty
      This essential treatment awakens your energy, working as an antidote against dull skin, the signs of fatigue and stress connected to current lifestyles. It is dedicated to all the women who are looking for a treatment that instantly brightens the face. This 2 in 1 treatment is available in three versions: moisturizing, purifying and soothing. As well as brightening the skin tone, this ritual recuperates beauty and leaves the skin matte. It also oxygenates, nourishes and desensitises. The skin becomes luminous, bright, sublime and full of life.
    • Vital Youth - Anti ageing prevention
      An anti-ageing treatment for tired skin that promotes firmness, density and skin elasticity through the use of a cast mask. It effectively fights the signs of ageing and preserves beauty and prolongs and restores the face youth.

      Shock Vitality - Brightness, Dull and tired Skin
      Two real energising programs that represent the ideal solution against lustreless skin. A shot of energy that fights dehydration, stress, fatigue and the signs of ageing stimulates cellular regeneration and vital functions of the skin. The skin becomes healthier and visibly younger.

      Softening - Sensitive and Reactive Skins
      A fantastic soothing treatment that replenishes the skin with a concentrate of smoothness and freshness. Reinforce the structure of the skin and improve its defences against aggression. The treatment is for all sensitive skin types, reactive or irritated and those subject to couperose. The skin becomes protected, stabilised and deeply softened.

      Regulated Correction - Oily and Combination Skins
      Treatment of high technical severity based on enzymes and royal jelly. This treatment purifies and corrects the appearance of more problematic skins. With extreme gentleness, it respects the skin’s cutaneous physiology and has noticeable results from the first session: purified and matt skin. For all oily and combination skins with problems of irritation, acne and imperfections. This treatment reconciles the skin with daily life.

      Eye Intensive - Corrects Wrinkles and Dark Rings under Eyes
      Dedicated to beauty and youth of the eyes, this complete treatment deals with problems around the eyes (wrinkles and dark rings under eyes). After a special exfoliation, a massage takes place with professional serum. The treatment finishes with the application of a refreshing and decongesting mask. For all women that want to restore dazzling eyes.

      Face Comfort - Relaxing Massage
      This massage encourages well-being and relaxation and gives the skin energy, comfort and the necessary rest. Adequate for all skin types, this treatment is an excellent introduction to other treatments.

      Face Detox - Draining Massage
      A massage based on the technique of lymphatic drainage. This massage obtains visible detoxification and elimination of liquid retention in the face. It restores the oval shape of the face and brings back elegance.
    • Hydréclat Matis
      The Hydréclat treatments decline in 5 versions to respond to all skin types:
      • Preventive, for young skin
      • Repairing, for mature skin
      • Soothing, for sensitive and reactive skin
      • Purifying, for oily and combination skin
      • Specific, for the area of the eyes and lips
      Each treatment begins with a welcome massage and a mask, followed by the application of Hydréclat and a face massage with gel and serum adapted to the needs of each skin type. This electro aesthetic treatment combines ionoforese and ultrasounds for a visible result and real rejuvenation. Bring back brightness, youth and beauty to your skin.

      This microdermabrasion treatment offers a safe and controllable approach skin correction, giving a superficial exfoliation and reducing its thickness. The vacuum action creates an immediate facelift effect, stimulating the muscles, increasing the blood flow in the skin and promoting the production of new collagen and elastine. The texture of the skin is rejuvenated instantly and the lines, wrinkles, acne scars and pigmentation stains are visibly reduced.

      Crystal Clear Oxygen
      This is a painless treatment that consists of applying pure oxygen and a specially formed anti-ageing serum. These elements supply regenerating ingredients to the deep layer of the epidermis where the health, the elasticity and the firmness of the skin begin.

      Crystal Clear Deluxe-Flash
      Complete treatment with microdermabrasion and oxygen with immediate and visible results. The skin becomes incredibly rejuvenated and wrinkles are softened..

      Face Tanning by Oxygenation
      Instant tanning. This works in the superficial layers of the epidermis, with a controlled projection of a tanning solution to get an even tan with the benefit of hydrated skin.
    • Specific body treatments by Matis - Peelings and Wraps
      Peelings and Wraps
      The peelings are essential and indispensable treatments to prepare the skin and encourage the action of the active substances in the wraps, as well as making it extremely smooth. Therefore the wraps benefit and relax the whole body.
      There are 4 types of treatment:
      • Remineralizing
      • Draining
      • Slimming
      • Relaxing
      These are all personalized treatments, enriched with the selection of a precious and rare oil. The oil will be selected according to the needs of the skin and the type of treatment performed.
    • 5 Senses Massage - Signature Massage
      With long and deep movements, in a fusion of traditional and Balinese techniques, this is a slow and enveloping massage that invites body and mind to let go and leave the hectic daily life behind.

      This is an extremely pleasant and effective body treatment. It has a detoxing and draining effect in the tissues due to deep stimulation of the metabolism. It diminishes muscular pain and balances the body’s primary systems: cardiovascular, muscular and nervous. In summary, this treatment promotes a deep state of relaxation and harmony of the physical, mental, and emotional energies.

      Exclusive harmony - Ayurvedic massage
      Part of Ayurvedic (Science of Life) millennial medicine developed in India, this treatment consists of a deep massage of the entire muscular mass, with traction and extension manoeuvres. This technique rebalances the body and mind in an invigorating and tranquil way. Its objective is to correct the body's posture and increase respiratory capacity, recuperating the maximum level of vital energy and destroying its obstacles.

      Herbs and Infusions - Massage with 'Pindas'
      A different experience. Hot dressings of herbs and infusions soaked in cocktails of precious oils slide over your body to promote deep relaxation and tension relief. A truly emotional massage, this millennial technique with 'pindas' contains aromatic mixtures of herbs such as camomile, herb of citron tree and flower of orange tree, lavender, Hibiscus flowers and Mallow flowers. A natural concentrate!

      Aromasoul with chromotherapy
      Aromatic and ethnic massage. This massage is based on a contemporary interpretation of aromatherapy - the therapeutic use of essential oils to promote mental and physical well-being. This treatment can be performed in the double suite.

      Points and Meridians - Shiatsu Massage
      This is a Japanese therapy although it roots from Chinese traditional medicine. Through pressure made with the thumbs, fingers and palms of the hands on specific points, this therapy corrects irregularities and promotes deep relaxation, health and general well-being. The therapy contributes to relieving precise complaints such as headaches or backaches, stress, anxiety, sciatica, digestive or respiratory problems, insomnia, depression and physical or mental fatigue.

      Healthy flowing - Lymphatic Drainage
      A healthy lymphatic system is essential for keeping the body's tissues free of excess of water and lipids. This massage helps the stimulation of the lymph, corporal fluid that flows through our muscles and organs, supplying them with nutrients, antibodies and other immunological constituents for our cells. This treatment is appropriate for liquid retention problems and swollen legs.

      New Life - Prenatal Massage
      A ritual that enables an intimate relationship between mother and baby. This rebalancing and draining treatment will reactivate circulation and lymph. It also moisturizes and makes the body's skin firmer, elastic and nourished. Swelling of the feet and ankles is diminished visibly, leaving you profoundly relaxed and free from physical tension and accumulated tiredness.

      New Mum - Post-natal massage
      Firming and toning treatment that restores the shape of the body and the firmness of the tissues affected by pregnancy. The skin becomes nourished and elastic, with improved texture, the stretch marks are visibly more disguised. Get back tonicity of the skin and recuperate your shape.

      A therapeutic massage of natural medicine that uses vital pressure point techniques on the sole of the foot. The pressure points are related to organs and specific parts of the body and thus this treatment can act as preventive or curative therapy.

      Lux Massage
      Holistic Massage with Hot Candles. An unexpected blend of textures and aromas. The delicateness of the teardrops from the candle over the body turn this massage in to a cocooning, soothing and pampering experience.

      Indian Head Massage
      The Indian head massage is ideal to remove tension and stress on neck, shoulders and face. This therapy is renowned for relieving stress, especially for those who need to leave the daily life behind. This ancient technique will allow your mind to rest and your tension to slip away.
    • Aquatic joy - Vichy Showe - Treatment with exfoliation and massage
      This treatment of massage and exfoliation applied with Vichy Shower will give you a smile. The body exfoliation is done with natural orange peel of different sizes: a pleasant sensation that achieves maximum well-being. Subsequently the Vichy hydro massage is applied and at the same time you will receive a manual massage with orange oil that leaves the skin moisturized and smooth.

      Scottish Shower
      Shower technique with nozzles/spurts that clear and tone the muscle tissues, providing health, vitality, energy and well-being. You may choose to add a massage for the result to be even more invigorating.

      Hydro Massage bath
      An experience that invites to peace and quietness. A delicate perfume is diffused into the atmosphere, creating a relaxing surrounding. Give yourself the pleasure of choosing one of our baths: cream, vanilla, seaweed or chocolate. A real treatment of well-being for the body, mind and soul.
      In order to get a more invigorating result a massage can complete this experience. This treatment can be done in the double suite.
    • Velasmooth
      For the first time, 2 energy sources – infra-red and bipolar radiofrequency, combined with vacuum therapy and massage, will work simultaneously in a process to firm and reduce fat. The VelaSmooth Pro has revolutionized the body shaping industry by being the first clinically proven, non-invasive system for effective treatment of cellulite, skin texture improvement and circumferential reduction.

      TWISTER™ - Non-Invasive Liposuction
      The Twister ensures immediate and measurable results since the first session. Using an innovative technology of low frequency and multi combined infrared rays action it is possible to reduce the volume of the treated area in 1.18 inches in the first session. The treatments with Twister are quick and simple. With painless and non-invasive sessions of 30 minutes, without anaesthesia and without surgery, the procedure is totally external. This treatment allows people to continue actively their daily routine.
      The action of ultrasonic waves is concentrated in the adipose tissue resulting in fat removal through a natural and physiological process. At the same time, the infrared action increases blood circulation and regulates tissue oxygenation, ensuring a visible improvement of skin. The result is a pleasant and painless treatment, effective in transforming the silhouette, with surprising results. It is indicated to remove fat located in: arms, abdomen, hips, thighs (interior and exterior) and knees (interior).

      Electrotherapeutic Lymphatic Drainage. This treatment provides a therapeutic approach to activate the circulatory system of return (venous and lymphatic), stimulating the absorption of interstitial liquids and the drainage of these liquids through organic mechanisms of filtration.
      This treatment enables the prevention of varicose veins as well as venous edemas. It is also ideal as a post-surgical treatment and for the treatment of cellulite.

      Global tanning by oxygenation
      Acts in the superficial layers of the epidermis, with the controlled projection of a tanning solution to immediately obtain an even tan. This treatment also moisturises the skin.
    • VALENTINE*- 2 persons 2h30m
      Hydro massage Bath - 30 min.
      Stones & Crystals - 90 min.
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.
      * Treatments performed in double suite

      5 Senses – Signature Massage - 60 min.
      Essential face treatment. - 75 min.
      (Sublime Beauty or Complete Purity)
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.

      Fit Active Massage - .60 min.
      Essential face treatment. - 75 min.
      (Sublime Beauty or Complete Purity)
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.

      SPA BREAK 2h30m
      Matispa Relaxing - 90 min.
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.
      Manicure - 30 min.
    • Your First Time at the SPA - 4h
      5 Senses – Signature Massage - .60 min.
      Hydro Massage Bath - 30 min.
      Essential face treatment - 75 min.
      (Sublime Beauty or Complete Purity)
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.
      Brushing - 45 min.

      Indian Rituals - 3h
      Indian Head Massage - 30 min.
      Exclusive Harmony - 60 min.
      Shirodhara Treatment - 15 min.
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.
      Brushing - 45 min.

      AQUA SOUL 3h30m
      Aquatic Joy – Vichy Shower - 45 min.
      Aromasoul Massage - 60 min.
      Reflexology - 30 min.
      Tea and Relaxation - 15 min.
      Brushing - 45 min.

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