This Catholic temple located in the independence square is an imposing white building with a tower of great beauty.

Municipal Counsel
Neoclassic style Building located in the independence square.

Railway station
This municipal railway station was projected in 1910 by Gustave Eiffel. Its original forged iron structures and its marble columns are still intact nowadays.

Located in “Praça 25 de Junho” and formerly a military historical museum, this national monument has been rehabilitated and transformed in to a cultural centre, where art exposition galleries are shown to the public.

“Costa do Sol” Beach
“Costa do Sol” beach is closely located next to the island of Xefina, and in the exceptionally ebb-tides it’s possible to walk trough the beach sand till the island.

Little Libombos Dam
Situated in Boane, 30 km from Maputo, has a tranquil lagoon for sweet water baths.

Natural History Museum
This museum is home to life and earth science specimens for the fauna of this Country.

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