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The most European city in Africa

The capital of Mozambique is located in the southern part of the country. With its 1.4 million inhabitants from various backgrounds, Maputo is an example of peaceful, multiracial and multicultural coexistence. This wealth of influences is demonstrated in the various architectures and cuisines. Peaceful coexistence proves to be an example for the world, as within the same neighborhood in Maputo we can find churches, mosques, synagogues and centers of animist religions.

To start noticing real Africa, you don't have to leave Maputo, as a walk through the Central Market is an exotic journey where colors and smells mix in hundreds of stalls. Another good option of this kind is the Downtown Craft Fair, where you can find the best of African art for minimal prices. This market operates on Saturday mornings where trading is the watchword.

The architecture of Maputo enchants with the nostalgia of its colonial buildings, of which we can mention the Natural History Museum, the Cathedral, the downtown buildings with their subtle decadent facades.

Maputo is also the entry point for those wishing to visit Kruger Park and the other South African parks, as it is a 1 hour and 30 minute drive, much closer than Johannesburg, and 1h from Swaziland another great destination. for those who want to see wildlife. There are day trips from Maputo to both Kruger Park (South Africa) and Mkhaya Park (Swaziland - best place in the world for rhino watching).

A Visitar

Maputo - not to be missed!

This Catholic temple located in the independence square is an imposing white building with a tower of great beauty.

Municipal Counsel
Neoclassic style Building located in the independence square.

Railway station
This municipal railway station was projected in 1910 by Gustave Eiffel. Its original forged iron structures and its marble columns are still intact nowadays.

Located in “Praça 25 de Junho” and formerly a military historical museum, this national monument has been rehabilitated and transformed in to a cultural centre, where art exposition galleries are shown to the public.

“Costa do Sol” Beach
“Costa do Sol” beach is closely located next to the island of Xefina, and in the exceptionally ebb-tides it’s possible to walk trough the beach sand till the island.

Little Libombos Dam
Situated in Boane, 30 km from Maputo, has a tranquil lagoon for sweet water baths.

Natural History Museum
This museum is home to life and earth science specimens for the fauna of this Country.


Taste of Africa
Few are the tourists that can forget the tastes and flavours of this African country. The quality of the food conciliates with a sensibility out of normal in what concerns its confection.

Between sea food and shellfish garnished with tastefully vegetables many are the options available to you in the various restaurants that you’ll find in this city.

Also the vast variety of fruits and sweets obliges anyone to temporarily renounce their usual diet. As for the drinks, Marula is without any doubt one of the most typical drink of this country.

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