The Oceanário - "Aquarium of Lisbon" - is situated in "Parque das Nações" (Ex- Expo 98). It holds 30 reservoirs with more than 7000 m3 of salty water. The habitats were conceived in a way to reproduce with exactness the flora and fauna, the geological and climatic characteristics and even the typical ambient sounds of each one of the represented areas.

Located in the town centre, the Lisbon Zoo has one of the best zoological collections in the whole world: more than 2000 animals and about 350 different species. Apart from visiting the animals, the Lisbon Zoo also offers a great variety of attractions that make the delight of many visitors.

We also suggest you to visit: "Castelo de São Jorge", "Marquês de Pombal", "Avenida da Liberdade", "Rossio", "Terreiro do Paço", "Alcântara" and the Typical "Fado" restaurants.

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