Ilhéu de Vila Franca do Campo
Situated in the proximities of “Vila Franca do Campo”, it is a natural park 1 km away from the coast. It can be visited from June to September by boat. The linking point is in the “Targarete” wharf in ” Vila Franca”.

Lagoas das Sete Cidades
The Seven City Lagoons is an important tourist point in the São Miguel Island and in Azores. Its houses remind a small nativity scene were the typical architecture of the area blendes with the green of the scenery.

Lagoa das Furnas
Rich for its volcanic activity like the hot water fumaroles, mud and medicinal waters. On total the “Furnas” have more then 20 thermal springs, which makes it one of the places with more number of hygrophilous in the world.


The most flowery council in Portugal, with a succession of mountains, canyons, streams and belvedere, covered with a blanket of flowers. Also to be visited is the highest point in the Island with 1105 metres of altitude, the “Pico da Vara” and “Pinhal da Paz” reservation.

Lagoa do Fogo
In the centre of the island, the lagoon occupies the crater of an extinct volcano. Surrounded by some of the original vegetation of the Island, the enormous lagoon with its transparent waters and white sandy beaches is a classified natural reservation.

Caldeira Velha
Located on the side hill of the “fogo” lagoon within a fern tree forest there’s a tepid water fumarole, where a small lagoon invites you for a restoring warm bath.

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