The Group VIP HOTELS are committed to a client satisfaction strategy. This policy lies in the Excellency of the service provided and in the construction of a strong and motivated team.
Based on your feedback and our experience, our team has developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions.
If you don’t find an answer for any of your questions in the list below, you may fill a brief form that will be instantly replied to you.


1. How do I reserve a room in
Our reservation process is very simple. Click on booking on reservation. Then you will have the possibility of choosing by the country’s zone or directly the hotel of your choice, followed by the arrival and departure dates. Following this process, select the hotel you require. On the next page you may choose the type of room you desire, tariffs and quantity. On Supplements you may opt between various options like the Extra bed or Breakfast. Your personal preferences will be taken into account including a 'Special Request' field. The confirmation of the reservation will be forwarded to the email you have indicated.

2. I have to send details of my credit card through the internet, in order to make a reservation? Is your reservation system secure?
Yes. The credit card number is always requested. For it sends your information trough a bank server, encrypting the credit card number, ensuring its security. All information received trough the VIP HOTELS Group website is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

3. What credit cards are accepted to make a reservation/ guarantee on-line?
The credit cards accepted to carry out this operation are VISA and MASTERCARD. For other credit card types, the reservation must be through sending an email for the VIP HOTELS Group in question, with the client’s personal data, and respective credit card number.

4. Can I book on-line more than one room in the same reservation?
Yes. You may reserve until 5 rooms when doing this operation.

5. My credit card number is correct, but the system is not accepting it, what should I do?
There are few possibilities:

- For online reservations the only card types accepted are VISA and MASTERCARD
- The card expiration date is outdated
- Wrong Security code

If the problem continues please send an email for the VIP HOTELS Group in question, using for that, the contact form available in the support centre page.

6. Are there special prices for groups? How many people make up a group?
Yes. We have special prices for groups, which are handled case by case, by the responsible departments of each hotel. It’s considered a group, when there are 20 or more people included in it.

7. Is the room rate per person or per night?
Rates are quoted on a nightly basis. If the overnight stay includes lunch, dinner, or breakfast, this will have an additional charge per person.

8. What type of promotions do you offer?
We have several promotions, packages and special prices for any occasion. Visit our 'Highlights and promotions', page and then click on 'promotions'.

9. What happens when I make a reservation, and how long does the confirmation process takes?
The confirmation process of the room reservation is instant, following the reservation; the confirmation is send to the clients indicated email.

10. What is the cancellation policy of a reservation and its costs? Will my credit card number be charged if I do not show up or cancel the reservation?
If it’s a FLEX tariff, the client can cancel the reservation until 4 o’clock p.m of the arrival date; on the other hand if it’s a VALUE tariff, the reservation cannot be cancelled. If the client does not show up, the price for the first night per room will be charged in both tariffs.

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